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14 questions CES 2019 must answer

CES 2019 will be my 16th consecutive hunt for Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest consumer electronics industry has to offer. So I am very confident to anticipate that we see many of the following:

  • Faster, better, bigger and smaller versions of last year's products
  • AI and "machine learning" integrated into multiple services [19659003] Robots everywhere
  • Everything will be clouded
  • Everything is "smart" enabled

They are, of course, the table games – the same trends that have been on display for the last three, five or ten years of the world's largest electronics show. For this purpose, these are the biggest questions we have entered into the show ̵

1; the answers will set the tone for the rest of 2019.

1. How will 5G change the tech landscape?

  qualcomm-5g prototype phone

Qualcomm showed a 5G phone prototype in Hawaii last month.

Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

There is little doubt that the 5G – the next-generation wireless standard that promises high-speed almost no latency – is the key to game change technology for 2019. But how many 5G compatible devices will we see in New Year and how disturbing it will be really be?

While most companies will hold back their phone messages to the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona at the end of February, expect to see Chinese handsets like Huawei use the Vegas spotlight to make a splash. Meanwhile, chipmakers like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel will probably get their 5G bona fides, while carriers such as Verizon and AT & T will talk up 5G plans on keynotes and panel discussions during the week.

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2. Can Intel do a defense against Qualcomm, AMD and ARM?

  intel-lightshow-bellagio-7 "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/zxKobqxk4z7UtfLAdrK1iZ9xiMI=/970x0/2018/01/10/6cfd3d46 Intel-lightshow bellagio-7

Intel sent 250 of its Shooting Star drones over Bellagio to celebrate CES 2018.


Intel is in a strange place: The company continues to reap billions on the CPU business, although the global PC market remains largely stagnant . Meanwhile, the company says that its 10-nanometer chips – code-named Sunny Cove and using " 3D-chip establishment " – are finally finally on tires for 2019.

But while Intel gets its ends in a row, it feels like the competition is leapfrogging: Qualcomm and Apple are starting to offer 7nm chips in PCs and iPhones and even Amazon is developing its own ARM-based server chips. With Qualcomm and AMD planning to tighten their stuff at CES this year, Intel must prove to the technical world how it intends to lead in 2019 and beyond – and just put on a good drone show won't cut the. And the company will have to do so without long-term CEO Brian Krzanich, who withdrew under a cloud a few months ago.

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3. Is the Health Tech Revolution Present?


The Neomano glove, seen here at CES 2018, was designed to help those with spinal cord injuries perform everyday tasks with hands.

Josh Miller / CNET

Health and fitness products have risen at CES in recent years, but we expect a virtual deluge of new products in the room at the 2019 show. While giants such as Apple and Fitbit gathered many of the health-related headlines over the past year, ECG and cardiac arrhythmia tracking may be just the beginning.

Look for smaller startups to share the spotlight in Las Vegas with larger companies, and use everything from portable blood pressure monitors to sleep masks fighting jet lag to smartwatches powered by body heat . And remember that the Holy Grail of Health Technology – at least in the US market – has a product that is FDA cleared.

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4. What will Google show?

Last year, Google had a large, flashy installation in the parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center which was basically a Disneyland-style popup tribute to the search giant's technical hope. This year, the company has cut out an even larger part of the parking lot at a more busy place. Google doesn't have a formal press conference, but don't be surprised if the company sneaks into a few professional announcements anyway.

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5. What about Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and the other tech giants?

  002_Microsoft_2012_CES.jpg "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/FHDzaMwJ5bDq5v-sr51cAKBADcY=/970x0/2012/01/10/56f5c0de-f0ef -11e2-8c7c-d4ae52e62bcc / 002_Microsoft_2012_CES.jpg "/> </span><noscript><span><img src=

Microsoft no longer has a giant booth like this from CES 2012, but it still has a presence on the show.

Sarah Tew / CNET

None of the other technological giants will have physical events as big as Google's – but that doesn't mean they're not in CES. Various tentacles in the Amazon Empire seem to have small exhibits during the show, and Microsoft and Facebook also have significant meeting rooms lined up around the city. Apple and Netflix meanwhile have no official seat reserved on the show, but it is a safe option that both companies want people on the ground for meetings.

And at least, all these companies will have "meta-announcements" from an army of hardware partners on the show, speak up extended compatibility or new integrations with services like Alexa (Amazon), Windows / Azure / Skype (Microsoft), Instagram / WhatsApp / Oculus (Facebook), Siri / HomeKit (Apple) and Netflix's eponymous video streaming service.

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6. Can any of the 2019 video services download Netflix?

Talking about Netflix: Streaming video giant emerged from 2018 largely unscathed by the controversy pulling down their FAKE cousins. But 2019 seems to be the most challenging year ever, with competition coming from every corner. Disney (soon to includes the bulk of Fox ), Warner ( owned by AT & T ) and Apple all have rival streaming streaming services for the new year that will fight for consumer attention and dollars. In addition to like-invisible new content such as Star Wars TV series, it also means that these frenemies will probably appeal back popular back directory content such as Friends (like Warner Owner) and The Office (a Comcast Real Estate) , making Netflix its own exclusive shows and movies more important than ever.

Regardless of whether we see CES announcements where these Netflix rivals start locking down space on smart TV systems from Samsung and Roku, or just the beginning of the backspace negotiation of such revelations later in 2019, expect the pieces on the streaming war chain tray gets ready for battle.

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7. Security & Privacy: Does the industry have a plan or just give it up?

  US Internet Facebook

Facebook Manager Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress in April.

Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images

From Facebook's Cambridge Analytica fiasco to Marriott Violation said to affect as many as half a billion people 2018 was a brutal year in terms of digital privacy and security. CES is not a security conference per se, but the show is flooded with devices that rely on ubiquitous connectivity, always on microphones and face-recognition cameras – to name a few – to work on the magic.

The industry is great for making these devices and services must have products in tens of thousands of homes – but is it actually to do something to protect this amount of data that it collects? While users seem to shruve their shoulders into retirement with each subsequent offense, it is difficult to believe that there is no better way forward than "here is a free year of credit monitoring", especially in a GDPR world. But do some small or large companies actually have an action plan to make things better on the security front in 2019?

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8. Want to see some VR challenges for Oculus Quest?


CNET's Ian Sherr played with an Oculus Quest prototype the week it was first announced.

James Martin / CNET

Announced back in September, Oculus Quest is expected to be shipped by spring 2019, and is a stand-alone, fully-wireless VR headset that boasts six degrees of freedom (without external sensors) and includes handheld controls – all for $ 400. The quests are not expected to be at CES, but it's already the baseline that any competition must exceed in 2019.

Will everything we see in Vegas be a better standard carrier for the afflicted VR room? We want to pay special attention to HTC's press conference at CES to see if the company's Vive line is worth anything on deck – though it is likely to be a PC-connected VR rig.

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9. Where does OLED and MicroLED TV screen technology go from here? Samsung-the-wall-sarahnet “height =” 0 “width =” 970 “data-original =” https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/img/SPQVEGXCmDXO4KNDYZ0_N8fETZQ=/970×0/2018/01/26 /399b06b8-4979-4e0f-beaa-eca2f26a5587/samsung-the-wall-sarah-tewcnet.jpg”/>

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