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14 days of past challenges and how to complete them

The 14-day Fortnite event has a daily challenge every day in Fortnite Battle Royale, with a free rewards for everyone from December 19th.

Although these challenges are only revealed one time, data miners have already revealed the complete list of challenges players need to complete.

However, we do not know which order they will be released in, so you still need to check every day to see what the task is – in addition to free rewards.

You can see all the rewards for 14 days of fortnite here – which includes things like a pickaxe, swings, weapon package, and pets, plus a mysterious 1

4th reward.

Challenge 1: The first challenge, for December 19, could not be easier. All you have to do is go into a creative mode game.

Challenge 2: For December 20 you must travel to the ground west of deadly fields where you will see the first Candy Can. There is another one just north of Frosty Flights.

Challenge 3: The third 14 days of the Fortnite challenge for December 21 is another simple, since all you have to do to earn your reward is to play three games with friends.

Challenge 4: For the fourth challenge on December 22 you have to hit 4 players with snowballs. This can be a little tougher task, but if you are lucky and can make some accurate throws, you should be able to do it in a match or two.

Challenge 5: Challenge number 5, December 23, requires you to fly an X4-Stormwing flight through 5 golden rings. These rings can be seen around the sky on the Fortnite map, so you have to find a plane and just navigate through.

5 down, 9 to go, for 14 days of fast-paced challenges.

Here is the video guide from niitq for all Candy Cane sites for the second challenge.

Thanks to leaks, we know the rest of the challenges that come, but not in the right order.

This leak is due to " srdrabx & # 39; which found the assets of the challenges buried deep within the game files after the v7.10 update

Like any challenge leak, there is no guarantee For these to be the final list of challenges that epic games can choose to make changes.

A special challenge, & # 39; Quest_BR_FDF_TrickPoint_Vehicle_Snowboard & # 39;, may need change depending on when the operating table is finally added. [19659016]
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