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14 days of fortnite event: Day 7 challenges and rewards (season 7, week 3)

We are now on day 7 of the ongoing 14-day Fortnite event in Epic's hit battle royal game, which means a new challenge and reward is available. It's not all, of course; From now until January 2, Fortnite players on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices can jump into new and returned time-limited modes, buy seasonal outfits from the game store, and even earn daily prizes. [19659002] On top of the aforementioned LTMs, Epic offers a new challenge every day in the 14 Days of Fortnite event, which will give you a free seasonal reward when you're done. If you manage to complete all 14 challenges from the event, you will also unlock a very special mystery.

Epic unveils 1

4 Days of Fortnite challenges day by day, so we'll round out a list of all the events from the event and the rewards you get to complete them as they are unveiled. Be sure to check back here every day in the event as we update the list of challenges, rewards, and tips on how to get them when they are available.

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The first 14 days of Fortnite challenge is straightforward. You just need to create or join a server in the game's new creative mode so players can make their own games and play around as they fit in their own private games. Once you do that, you will unlock the first of the day's daily rewards: an Ornament Spray with the letters "GG."

The second challenge is a little more difficult. This asks you to visit two giant candy canes. There are only a handful of these scattered around the map, three of which are in the new snowman, making this area your best bet to complete the challenge. You can see their places below. Once you complete the challenge, you will earn a new download screen.

  • On the mountain north of Frosty Flights
  • At the top of Shifty Shafts
  • On top of the snow-covered ground west of lethal fields
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  Gallery picture 1   Gallery picture 2 [19659012] Day 3 challenge, as of day 1, is very simple; All you have to do is play three games in any game mode with a friend. After completing all three, you will unlock the third daily reward: a new Snowball toy. </p><div><script async src=

Day 4 will require you to test your goal by starting a snowball on enemies. All you have to do is hit a goalie with a snowball in four different games and you are golden. For day 5, you need to get one of the new X-4 Stormwing aircraft and guide it through five golden rings. Finally, for Day 6, you must head near water hooks and find goose nests and eggs in them. There is a lot around, but you just have to interact with six.

For day 7, there is another simple one: Use Boogie Bombs or Presents seven times, and in return you get a nifty Gingerbread pet to carry around while having your battle royal adventure on the island.

In addition to day-to-day challenges, Epic will have a number of new and restorative time forms during the 14 Days of Fortnite event. These will rotate frequently throughout the event; According to the developer, "large layer modes" will change every 48 hours, while "small layer modes" change every 24.

14 days of favorite challenges

  1. Start or join a Creative server (1) – "GG" Ornament Spray [19659007] Visit giant candy canes (2) – Winter Launcher loading screen
  2. Play matches with a friend (3) – Snowball toy
  3. Turn a player with a snowball into different matches – Snowman's emoticon
  4. Fly through golden rings in an X-4 Stormwing Plan (5) – Fighting Wreath
  5. Searching the Water on Goose Berries (6) – Bursting Textile Shields
  6. Use Boogie Bombs or Presents) – Gingerbread Pet

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