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10 iPhone tricks you will wish you knew before

Remember: an iPhone is basically just a computer that fits your pocket ̵

1; and in many ways it's even better than a computer. The iPhone is more portable than a laptop. The camera is better than many point-and-shoot cameras. Your iPhone may even store more data than a cheap desktop, and the apps can be compared to those found on any device on the market.

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So it's no wonder certain iPhone features remain buried and we can never detect them without an insider tip. You can customize almost anything you see and hear, and just when you think you have a handle, the pictures you collect will bring a new trick that changes the entire operating pattern.

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Whether you're talking to Siri or finding out a new way to navigate your notifications, there are 10 things you did not know that iPhone could do.

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1. The keyboard can be used as a trackpad

How many times have you unfortunately tried to navigate in a text message or email by touching the screen where you want to place the cursor? It's crazy, especially if there are small mistakes you have to fix. Fortunately, the iPhone can help you plant your marker.

All you need to do is press the keyboard and the keys will disappear. Without the keyboard, you can slide your thumb around in this space to move the text cursor. Touch harder and you can choose text.

If you do not release any text, you can clear the text and then select it again by pressing down. It may be a little used to it, but it is worth some exercise as you will be able to navigate much more accurately.

2. Turn on a specific setting to save the battery in a clip

If you have been out all day and forgotten a charger, you can run on smoke when it comes to battery. Fortunately, the Low Power mode will let you save some juice to an emergency.

Go to the phone's control center and touch the "low battery" icon to turn on or off. This should give you some power consumption, at least until you can come to a charger again, and that is clear.

3. Secretly storing images you do not want others to see

The problem of having your photo albums on iCloud is that others can look over your shoulder and see a picture that, well, requires explanation . If you have a set of photos in your Photos app, you'd like to hide from curious eyes, you can actually hide them from viewing.

Listen to the Photos app, select the photos you do not want to let others see, and touch the "Share" icon. This looks like a square with an arrow inside. Then select "Hide."

You must go to your albums in the Photos app in the future to find them, but they will not be out for just everyone to look at now.

4. Know who is calling before picking up the phone

To know who is calling you without having to look on the phone, this practical trick should help to make it easier.

Go to the Contacts menu, select the person you want to change a ringtone or notification option for and select "Edit." From there, go to "Ringtone" and press "Default".

You will be greeted with a set of options that you can choose for the person you want, whether you want to assign unique vibration or ringtones so you know who's calling without looking at the screen.

5. Scan important documents using the Notes app

Never scan a scanner again to share important documents and files with others. If you have something that needs scanning, you only need to go as far as your notes.

Open it, click on the plus sign found at the bottom of the screen near the center and select the option "Scan Documents." You can use the iPhone camera to take a photo of your document and add it to the notebook. Options like black and white, grayscale or colors will make sure the scan is of quality.

6. Do not Get Bothered When Driving

If you get many messages or calls while on the road, consider using the "Do not Disturb While Running" feature. Simply turn it on manually via the control center, and the phone will automatically switch to this mode when it detects you are in a vehicle that exceeds a certain speed.

All conversations, texts, messages and other pings are muted, with the ability to send a message to callers as you drive.

7. Use a handset keyboard to improve write efficiency

If you hate using both hands to enter messages, you can choose to use the iPhone-enabled keyboard instead.

Just open a message or use your keyboard and look for the clock button. Hold down and select either left-hand or right-hand keyboard. The keyboard will switch to the page you want and you will be able to write with one hand in this way.

8. Automatically Answer Calls

Sometimes we may be too busy answering the phone manually, but we will not miss calls. This is especially true for people who choose earrings or airpods to make and receive calls.

You can set iPhone to answer calls for you. Go to Availability and then Call soundtrack to find the "Auto Answer" option, which allows you to answer phone calls automatically after a certain amount of time. You can choose how long the phone will wait before it downloads.

9. Share something on your screen

Want to share some fun with a friend on your phone like games from an app or something like that? You can do it naturally on iPhone without having to use an extra program now, thanks to the latest version of iOS.

Go to Settings, then Control Center, and then Customize Controls. Then go to Control Center and click on the screen capture icon. It will turn red and you can go out of the menu to do whatever you want. You can also record audio if you want to. To stop the video, tap the blue banner at the top of the screen or the icon in the control center.

Your video will be saved in the Photos & Videos app.

10. Get better answers from Siri

You do not have to talk to Siri to work with her. Instead, you can write to her if you choose it.

For many people who suffer from text, this kind of communication can be more accurate. Go to Settings, then General, then Availability and select the Siri option. Then select "Done."

Siri answers your query and probably more accurately than you would have done with your voice.

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